Academic Enrichment

Mathletics is a STEAM-based summer program for elementary and intermediate school students, sponsored by Edison International. The goal of Mathletics is to provide stimulation and support for students to advance and excel in STEAM-focused subjects. Students focus on math and science activities that expand their knowledge and help them learn math and science in a fun and productive manner.

Mathletics activities, Summer Day Camp, include:

(During non-school days.)

Age-appropriate science experiments and projects.


Math manipulatives — hands-on practice with basic math concepts.


Guest speakers from various STEAM-related professions

Academic Enrichment

Join our Summer Camp to explore and enjoy:


Learn about nature, hiking, camping, gardening, science projects, and more.

Technology and Engineering:

In partnership with UCI we will teach our children about AI (artificial intelligence) and TE (technology and engineering). We will also be teaching robotics, circuits and electronics, coding, and more.


Children can participate in live performances, visual, and cultural arts projects.


The children will learn math through hands-on activities and projects.


And Water Days!