Financial Well-Being

Delhi Center offers a full range of support and educational services to build financial stability by helping families and individuals create step-by-step plans to tackle their unique needs in order to reduce debt, increase income, improve credit scores and manage credit, build assets, increase savings, and enhance financial knowledge. We collaborate with private and nonprofit organizations interested in working together to seek ways to increase the financial stability of residents of Orange County.

FES (Family Economic Success) provides individual case management, training and guidance needed by Santa Ana residents to navigate the complex and complicated systems that lead to financial success. It goes beyond the workshop structure provided by many organization that attempt to educate residents on financial stability by ushering them through the processes needed to measurably improve their economic status. 

For more information or to make an appointment, please call your contact or the front desk for assistance at 714.481.9600 or email at


The Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple-languages Program provides education and complaint resolution regarding phone bills to consumers who are not proficient in English.


The Community Help and Awareness of Natural Gas and Electric Services Program provides education and assistance with lowering expenses for telecommunications and utility (gas and electric) services.