Freddy Torres


What is your favorite hobby?

Wrenching/tinkering & Outdoor activities (snowboarding, ATV, hiking, swimming)

Favorite Food?

Italian Food

Favorite Travel Destination?

I haven’t traveled there but I would love to travel to Japan & Australia

Favorite TV Show & Movie?

Criminal Minds & Fast n Furious 1 & 2

Favorite Dessert?

Tres Leches

Favorite Time of Year and Why?

Summer because I can go do all the outdoor activities I like to do, ATVing, hiking, swimming, etc.

About Freddy:

I was born in Irvine Hospital and was raised in Tustin for 19 years until moving to Santa Ana and been living her since. I am the youngest of two siblings I have an older brother who is 33 and a sister who is 30 years old. I found out about the center because of my dad he had worked here for 7 years and I would volunteer and come help him and the center during the summertime. Working at the Delhi Center has meant a lot it has helped me grow a lot I first started working here not even wanting to answer the phone and was very unconfident now as time has gone by I have become much more confident in myself. I believe my biggest strength at the Delhi Center is providing great customer service, also some big strengths of mine are my IT knowledge and handyman skills as that has helped the center out a lot. 


Favorite Event, Activity, or Program the Delhi Offers and Why:

I would say the food distribution program has been the most important program we have had especially for the last year and a half when covid started. We have helped several families overcome hunger by delivering and handing them food boxes that we would package weekly. We have not stopped at all since March of last year and all the families are very grateful that we provide this program.