Mayra Torres


What is your favorite hobby?


Favorite Book?

The Glass Castle

Favorite Time of Year and why?

Winter because of the proximity it has with the holidays (Christmas, New Year’s.)

Favorite Dessert?


Who Inspires you?

My parents

What did you want to be growing up as a kid and why?

Growing up, I wanted to become a pediatrician, because I wanted to help people. I did not become a pediatrician but luckily through my employment at Delhi Center I am fulfilling my dream of helping people in a much different way.

About Mayra:

I grew up in the City of Santa Ana. I am the oldest and only girl of two siblings. I
discovered Delhi Center through a list provided by my former university to fulfill my
internship requirements. What stood out about Delhi Center above all the other
organizations was the extent of services it offers to the community, with the added
benefit that it allowed me to work with the population I’ve always wanted to work with,
such as children. I chose Delhi Center because they had an after-school tutoring
program for children k- 12. Children are the population I have always wanted to work

Finding Delhi:

Once I was doing my internship, I learned about all the other programs and
services Delhi Center provided, and I knew it was a place I would love to work at.

What I like most about working at the Delhi Center is that it is more like a mission than a job. The task is to help the community, individual residents with the various programs we offer.

Additionally, Delhi Center has become a place where I feel at home. DelhiCenter’s team is one strong team. We put our hearts when it comes to helping the community. We go above and beyond to make every client and participant feel welcome.

For example, I have received much feedback from clients that explicitly express how much they appreciate our services, from the summer camp to the TELL program.

Furthermore, through my employment here in Delhi, I have grown as a person. Delhi Center has allowed me to make an impact on others, especially the youth and children. While working with the youth, I have guided them towards pursuing their goals and become the best version of themselves through vital self-development skills
that will serve them for life.

Favorite Event, Activity, or Program the Delhi Offers and Why:

Although I have enjoyed all of the events the Delhi Center has put together, my ultimate
favorite is Trunk or Treat. This is my favorite event because it is an event that is host
outside in the parking lot and is very welcoming. It is not limited to how many people
can come in or do not need any requirements to come in. It is an event that brings the
entire community together with over 500 participants.