Zizzy Soto


What is your favorite hobby?


Favorite Food or Dish?


Favorite Book?

Teaming with Microbes: Gardening edition is my favorite book. I love to learn how to
create organic soil to grow food, etc.

Favorite TV Show or Movie?

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Favorite Dessert?

Fruit tarts are delicious. The combination of fruit and sweet cream is fantastic.

Favorite Travel Destination?

I love Japan! The culture, food, and people. I will be moving there in the

About Zizzy:

Being able to help those in need is something I have been interested in growing
up. Everyone has their own story and life experiences that causes them to go on a different path, no
matter the path, it’s important to show those who require help that someone is willing to assist them.
Families who are struggling to become self-sufficient feel alone and don’t know the proper steps to
take, which can lead to trauma, causing our brain to remain in a state of hypervigilance that isn’t good
for our development. Helping people in any way can save them in so many ways. My passion is to
educate communities to be a better version of themselves. Teaching them the essential things to
know in life, for example, job training, resumes, communication, technology, the anatomy of our
bodies/ brain, and teaching community members how to become more self-sufficient so they don’t
need to rely on government help.

Favorite Event, Activity, or Program the Delhi Offers and Why:

My favorite Delhi event is the Christmas event because we get to help families who can’t afford gifts and dinner. The sight of families having a great time and their children’s expressions when receiving the gifts brings me joy.